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{Events for Women}

You’re More than the Women in the Mirror

{full conference or single session message)

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Confidence? Beauty? A woman overwhelmed by the Father’s love? Or do you see someone different?

In a culture obsessed with perfection, our sense of self-worth can be battered and tossed day after exhausting day. We were made for more!

Together, let’s discover how to:

  • Live in unshakable confidence, even in the worst situations.
  • Replace loneliness, rejection, and pain with acceptance, affirmation, and approval.
  • Discover how to overcome the self-doubt whispers & find freedom to reach our full potential.
  • Find the love you crave so your love-gap is finally filled.


Becoming a Confident You

{full conference or single session message}

Comfortable in every situation, she seems so free. What is it about her? It’s almost as if she is magnetic.

It’s confidence.

Lynn reveals the secret behind finding a confidence that sticks. She’ll share how to:

  • Increase your confidence, empowering you to fulfill your dreams and purpose.
  • Position yourself to not lose your confidence – even in the worst circumstances.
  • Build your confidence on the one thing that cannot be taken from you.


Passing By Predictable

Boring. Predictable. I know – you’re not supposed to say that about your faith. But it can so easily become true. It is good to be stable and consistent, but Jesus never intended for our relationship with Him to be boring.

It’s time to break up with boredom! In this full conference or one-session message, Lynn will not only challenge you, but will help empower you to:

  • move past the mundane into the life Jesus called rich and satisfying.
  • become ruined for ordinary and desire His extraordinary.
  • discover what is missing and how to find fulfilling in your walk with Jesus.


{Events for Parents}

5 Secrets to Becoming the Parent Your Kid Wants to Hang Out With

Somewhere along this journey called parenting it just stopped. The child who clung to your every move now seems to run when you come near. Want to turn it around?

Leaning on nearly 25 years of parenting experience, Lynn will share her secrets for having the connection and communication you and your child long for! (And it may or may not involve jumping out of a plane!)


{Events for Young Adults and Teens}

You are Brave Enough

Every young women should break out of the cultural definition of beautiful and break into God’s so she can reach her fullest potential. To do this, she must be brave! This talk challenges young adults and teens to push past relationship drama to get to God’s best for her. To bravely make the switch from looking for the guy to becoming the girl. They will be encouraged and empowered to become the one God created her to become; a gutsy, God girl who displays His character and honors God.


You’re More Than Enough

{a full conference or single session message}

You see it; the undercurrent of culture threatening to pull you under. As her mentor or mom, you also see something she is missing: the full potential laying just under the surface of all her trying.

It’s time to break out of the suffocation of trying to be who you were created to be. You are more than you know! Let’s be brave enough to make the move and discover what exactly God intended the day He decided to make you!

Together we’ll:

  • figure out what does a personal & growing relationship with Jesus looks like (and why you should want one).
  • Learn how to block out the noise to hear the voice of God.
  • Develop and stick to boundaries so you can reach your fullest potential.
  • Create confidence leading to higher self-esteem by discovering the love you crave.


Sessions can include:

  • You’re Brave Enough
  • Becoming a World-Changer
  • Beyond Snap-Chat: Finding Life-long Friends


To find out more information on having Lynn come to your group, contact us at Proverbs 31 Ministries by calling 1-877-P31-HOME or visit our “Request a Speaker” page by clicking here.