Jan 20

10 Conversation Starters: #Youandyourgirl series

2015 Jan 10 conv main Square

10 Days of Conversation Starters provide 10 sparks for you and your girl to get a good conversation going. They are exactly what they are called: starters. Take the answer your girl gives you and continue with more questions to keep her talking and you learning more about your girl.

Let her know you want to learn more about her. Who can resist sharing with someone who wants to know you better?

Many of these questions are taken from conversations with my own girls. Some of the questions are just for fun; others are meant to open doors to deeper conversations. Both kinds of questions will help to bring you and your girl into a closer, deeper relationship!

You don’t have to be a mom to use them either! Friends, mentors, grandmas, teachers or aunts – any one who loves a girl can get the talking started!

The 10 Conversation Starters will all be loaded on Social Media every day in the mornings.  Be sure you are connected here  - all under Lynn Cowell:


#ForYouandYourGirl is a new monthly series.  Each month I will write a post that will announce the opportunity for you to connect with your girl.  In addition, if you missed the social media posts, or are not able to connect with me there, the previous month’s post will be updated with the graphics for you to download as needed.  Links will be provided in each post for easy access.

Last month’s focus was “Prayers for your Girl”.  You will find the post updated HERE with all the graphics loaded.  Share with everyone which prayer was most impacting for you.  Maybe it was the most difficult to pray, or there was one day where you may have seen a change in the girl you were praying for.  Let’s hear about them to encourage others.

The winner from yesterday’s post 3 Ways to Redefine Beautiful is Teresa Ball who posted January 19, 2015 at 11:20 am. Congratulations Teresa! Please email me your full name and address to and I’ll get the Redefining Library.



His Revolutionary Love

Are you concerned your girl may look for love in the wrong places? You can help empower your girl to have confidence and a higher self-esteem to that she runs to the right place each time she feels needy.


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"Lynn Cowell is Proverbs 31 Ministries hidden gem and best kept secret. Lynn has a God given gift to connect with and relate to teen girls and moms when she talks about Jesus’ radical love for us, purity, friendships, guys, and all the other sacred and messy stuff in between. Lynn is making a huge impact in churches across the nation. Of all the conferences I’ve attended including nationally offered conferences, Lynn’s messages by far packed the biggest punch. Her words are God’s truth woven with her experiences from the wellspring of her love for Jesus and are conveyed in such a way the audience is left hungry for more and inspired to implement what they’ve learned."

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